I Love Hotels ❤ Hyatt Regency Perth

Perth CBD

Perth, Australia

Let’s face it Perth isn’t known for luxury hotels, in fact, the standard of hotels is nowhere near international or even national standards. That’s not to say they’re cheap, quite the opposite!

The sea of international and domestic corporate visitors driven in by the resource boom have crowned Perth CBD with one of the highest occupancy rates in Australia and the world. As a result, hotel room prices have skyrocketed while not necessarily encouraging reinvestment into hotel improvements.

As the resource investment boom comes to an end, occupancy rates has taken a hit, leaving the hotel market exposed and more reliant on the leisure market. This drop in occupancy rate may well be the stimulus required for the hotel sector, particularly the upper end, to lift their game in the fight for tourist dollars.

Having stayed at three comparable hotels near each other, Pan Pacific, Duxton and Hyatt Regency, in my opinion Hyatt is the clear winner and hence the focus of this post.

Hyatt Regency Perth

The Hyatt Regency Hotel Perth

Along the Swan River, the Hyatt hotel have proudly stood at the end of Adelaide Terrace for over 20 years. In March 2010, the hotel commenced a 16 months extensive interior redesign of its 367 guest rooms helping it set a new benchmark for quality accommodation in Perth CBD.

We stayed in the Club King Room on the eighth floor overlooking the Swan River. Decor is a highly subjective matter but in my views the room could’ve been a bit more detailed in its styling as you’d expect from a 5-Star hotel. A big positive was the free WiFi which doesn’t seem to be ‘standard’ for hotels in Australia yet.

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We try to stay on Club/Executive Floors whenever we can which at the Hyatt gave us access to the Regency Club lounge where guests can enjoy continental breakfast, all day refreshments, evening drinks and canapés. The Club is pretty popular with guests potentially as there’s really not that much to do around the hotel.

Regency Club at Hyatt Regency Perth

Regency Club offers all day refreshments and has fantastic views of the Swan River

If you’ve read my blog you’ll know I’m not a fan of continental breakfast so for an extra $15 per person you can have a full buffet breakfast at the Lobby Cafe.

Breakfast at Hyatt Regency Perth

Club guests can pay an extra $15pp for a full buffet breakfast

Located at a very quiet end of town, access to the hotel is not that convenient unless you rent a car which is highly recommended if you want to get around Perth. For this reason, there’s hardly any restaurants around the hotel but fortunately the Conservatory set in the middle of the hotel lobby with plush lounge chairs and live piano entertainment offers fantastic meals (try the Club Sandwich and fries).

Conservatory at Hyatt Regency Perth

Conservatory featuring a large limestone fountain and live entertainment

Overall a pleasant stay but next time we’re in town we may well be lured by the recently opened Fraser Suites across the road. Unless you have friends/family to visit I really don’t believe Perth is a tourist destination, at least for now.

Slightly off topic but one of the best thing heading to Perth is not Perth itself but flying on Virgin Australia’s A330 Coast-to-Coast business class service. I think all travellers really need to thank Virgin for bringing back the competition, particularly on this East to West route, as it definitely surpasses what Qantas currently offers. In fact it’s domestic business class service is even better than say what Singapore or Malaysian Airlines offers on its short-haul international business class service.

With Virgin voted Best Business Class for domestic travel recently, the pressure is on Qantas to rollout their new lie-flat business class seats as soon as possible to make up lost grounds. It’ll be interesting to see what John Borghetti has up his sleeves to maintain Virgin’s lead.

I love staying at hotels, new and luxe ones that is. Met with a warm welcome as you enter a grand lobby and opening the doors and seeing the  sophisticated and thoughtful interiors of a fresh immaculate room…’I ❤ Hotels’ is a series where I share hotel experiences that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.