A meal to remember in Tokyo

What makes a great meal?

Tokyo Bay View from Kazahana

Tokyo Bay View from Kazahana

Relaxed and comfortable ambience, immaculate service, exquisite presentation, mouth-watering dishes and excellent company. We found all of the above at Kazahana, a minimalist design restaurant with contemporary Japanese decor high on the 28th floor at the Conrad Tokyo overlooking dazzling Tokyo Bay.

@Kazahana, Conrad Tokyo

Anticipating a great meal

A wide range of traditional dishes are served with a twist at Kazahana and our visit saw us sample their special Teppanyaki menu.

Teppanyaki @ Kazahana, Conrad Tokyo

Teppanyaki @ Kazahana, Conrad Tokyo

Teppanyaki 鉄板焼 is a type of Japanese cuisine, originating from the 1940s, where western-influenced food is cooked on a heated flat-surface grill in front of restaurant patrons.

So what did we have? Our meal started with an appetizer 先付, clear soup 御椀 and sashimi 造里.

Followed by Ise lobster 活伊勢海老 and abalone 活黒鮑.

Sautéed vegetables and salad 旬の焼き野菜 and 生野菜.

Japanese Kobe beef steak 黒毛和牛ステーキ, Japanese fried rice 食事 and dessert 甘味.

An excellent meal and certainly one to remember. The Conrad Tokyo was equally spectacular but that’s for my next blog entry.