About Me

As a Top Contributor on Tripadvisor and being in the top 1% of reviewers, I’ve written plenty of reviews over the years. In July 2013, I decided to start my own blog Multiply & Divide to better share my travel experiences along with other things I appreciate and enjoy in life.

One thing I’ve always enjoyed is exploring metropolitan cities, dining at the best restaurants and staying at some of the best luxury hotels on offer. I get excited by each hotel’s distinctive design and their seamless execution of all-round luxury.

Another  passion of mine is Real Estate. I believe property investment is our ticket to financial freedom and I haven’t stopped since buying that first investment property at the age of 20.

Today, Multiply & Divide attracts over 1,000 views on average each month from all round the world, if you’d like to feature on Multiply & Divide or have any feedback or questions on any posts, please complete the contact form below: